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November 13, 2016

Wide-Angle Signal Mirror
Those who maneuver a full-size pickup truck or hefty sport-utility wagon in traffic will no doubt admit that such a big rig consumes a wide swatch of pavement and requires careful attention from the driver for the important business of jockeying from lane to lane.

To prevent unwanted close encounters with other vehicles when changing lanes, the driver must use the vehicle's turn signals religiously and ensure that back brake lights are working properly.

Follow certain big vehicles -- like Ford's Expedition or the deluxe Lincoln Navigator sport-utility wagon -- and you'll observe a helpful addition to typical back light turn signals: Bright arrow signals show up in the big rearview side mirrors to indicate the direction of each turn.

These animated chevrons, composed of LED lamps built into each mirror, catch the eye with their blinking movement. Trailing motorists beside the vehicle can see the signals much more easily than tail turn signals.

Navigator and Expedition install these mirrors as original equipment, yet they're made by Muth Mirror Systems, which offers the same Signal Mirror in a retrofit kit for many other wagons and trucks through direct sale to consumers.

To properly rig and wire the Signal Mirror requires a professional -- a local installer of automotive audio products or detailing accessories can do the job.

Muth also has a new Wide-Angle Signal Mirror that mounts on an existing exterior rearview mirror. This small round mirror adds the chevron signal that blinks with arrows indicating the direction of the turn, while the convex shape of the wide-angle reflector also allows a driver to see into blind spots most rearview mirrors miss.

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