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August 29, 2016

Key Defender
By Bob Plunkett
How do you block a bully from an unlawful personal assault?

Strong-arm techniques work only for the brave, while conventional assault sprays like Mace take too long.

But pepper spray: Faster than you can say those two little words, this disabling spray causes that bully's eyes to clamp shut in burning irritation as breathing restricts.

In effect, the person becomes helplessly disabled for enough time to call for help or plan an escape.

The non-lethal spray, effective from a distance of up to five feet, causes no permanent damage, and its irritating effects wear off after ten minutes.

In the meantime, though, it's incredibly effective -- which is why pepper spray serves as a standard defensive weapon for law enforcement officials in police departments nationwide, as well as for mail carriers who must defend themselves against unwarranted attacks by household pets.

Now there's a way to arm yourself with pepper spray when operating a vehicle, thanks to the Key Defender, a clever pepper spray product in a miniature baton that attaches to a key ring. The tiny aerosol canister, only five inches long and constructed of aerospace aluminum, provides multiple bursts of disabling pepper spray.

Best of all, Key Defender also comes with an inert tester cartridge to use for practice delivering a forceful spray without consuming the pepper spray. Once you've mastered the technique of spraying, unscrew the Key Defender baton and replace the tester cartridge with the pepper spray.

Then carry it with you whenever you're operating a vehicle or parking in a public lot.

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