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October 20, 2014

Rich Suds Car Wash
By Bob Plunkett
Soon after the advent of the first automobile, as dust and road debris accumulated on the vehicle's body and wheels, there arose the need for the first car wash.

In the automotive century that followed, car owners have devised a myriad of methods to ease the chore of cleaning a vehicle, including power sprayers and robotic car washes.

Despite so many labor-saving inventions, the optimum way to clean up a soiled automobile remains the time-tested method of getting some soap and water and applying a liberal dose of elbow grease.

But be careful: Many of the new car models feature fancy metallic clear-coat paint finishes, which can be extremely delicate.

Harsh detergents may dull such a fragile finish, just like it can strip away a protective wax coating.

What you should use is a soap specifically formulated to enhance an automobile's paint job, not harm it.

The sudsy soap we use on our prized roadster is made specifically for washing a car.

It's the Rich Suds Car Wash, by Meguiar, a company that specializes in car care products.

This liquid car soap when mixed with water develops a rich and foaming coat of long-lasting suds tinged with a pleasant herbal fragrance. The special formula of the soap adds sunscreen protection to the paint finish. It's designed to wash away quickly with water in a non-streaking manner, taking with it all of the grime and grit.

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