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August 21, 2017

Swoop and Squat
After I rear-ended another car, the cops wrote on the report that it was a "swoop and squat." What does that mean?

The term describes the process of faking accidents -- you appeared to be at fault, and your insurance company will pay out the big bucks.

Don't tell me, there you were just bopping along when this junker pulled in front of you and slowed way down. Annoyed at being delayed, you decided to go around him. No way. Another cheap heap pulled alongside. You were boxed in. Suddenly, a third rolling wreck swooped in front of the car that cut you off and braked hard, forcing you to rear end the second car. The law in most areas says the vehicle that rear-ends another is the one at fault. So tag, you're it, and more slimy hands go into the insurance company candy jar.

Besides the usual multi-vehicle "box" which forces the accident, the police and insurance companies say that there are additional ways to spot this racket:
  • Lone drivers are targeted.
  • The car that was rear-ended usually has four or more occupants.
  • The carís occupants are generally excitable people shouting unknown obscenities.
  • One or more of the occupants will wail about whiplash, a broken back and/or a heart attack. They might also ask about the upper dollar limits of your automotive insurance policy.
What to do? Thatís easy -- just shoot them. Naw, not with a .45, although youíll feel like it. Shoot them instead with the disposable camera I've told you time and again to always carry in your car. There are two groups of people who hate to be photographed when they are working: cops and cons. Pretend you're a news photographer and snap pictures of the car and everyone involved. Ask for names and addresses and places of employment and insurance companies. Poof. Where'd everybody go?

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