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October 19, 2017

Cargo carrier
By Bob Plunkett
Only a limousine-size sedan or SUV wagon provides cargo space of such sufficient size to accommodate the mess of luggage, crates and portable gear that we drivers must haul around from time to time.

And there can be so much to carry. Still, even the largest wagon may be constraining at times when there's more cargo to pack than space to spare in the back bay.

For loads like these, what can you do?

You could get a rope, then try to tie the rear gate down with cargo bulging out the back -- and if you're lucky, the contents won't shift or slip overboard after your first encounter with a pothole or road curve.

Or you might pile luggage on the roof, then try to tie it securely in place. A better idea for hauling the household when it's time to travel comes with an add-on storage container that mounts in back on a standard two-inch fixed bumper hitch.

Called the Stowaway2, this sturdy rectangular box measures 49 inches long by 21 inches wide by 24 inches tall and it comes with a secure lockable lid. It will corral up to 200 pounds of cargo in a trunk-size space of 12.5 cubic feet. Four different mount systems bring choices for usage.

The Standard Model has a fixed frame and works on wagons that don't require access to a back gate. A Spare Tire model uses an extended frame that also accommodates a spare tire. The Towing Model adds a two-inch hitch receiver designed for towing a light trailer, while the Swingaway Model has the frame on a pivot point so the box can swing out for easy access to a tailgate.

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