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People born on February 13
Peter Gabriel (1950): Musician, writer and video maker whose continually evolving style has earned him Grammy Awards and multi-platinum album sales. Gabriel began his musical career in his teens playing as a drummer in rock and soul bands in the London area. He further developed his musical and writing talents as the front man for the progressive rock band Genesis, creating such albums as "Nursery Crime", "Foxtrot" and "Genesis Live: Selling England by the Pound". Gabriel left Genesis to begin a successful solo career, producing albums with depth and intensity. His critically acclaimed album “Passion: Music for ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’”, incorporated World music, featuring African and Middle Eastern artists. Gabriel released his latest solo project, "Up", in 2002.

Jerry Springer (1944): Host of a self-titled nationally syndicated talk show known for outrageous topics and on-screen brawling, Jerry Springer has had an unlikely path to daytime series fame. After earning a Law degree from Northwestern, Springer worked as a campaign aide for Senator Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Springer spearheaded an effort to lower the national voting age from 21 to 18, eventually testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the ratification of the 26th amendment. Springer’s political career blossomed when, at age 33, he was elected Mayor of Cincinnati, becoming one of America’s youngest mayors. Springer left politics after losing the battle for the governor’s office and launched his career in broadcasting. He began as a news anchor, eventually winning 7 Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries. “The Jerry Springer Show” first aired in 1991.

Kim Novak (1933): Actress whose mysterious on-screen nature and glamour-girl figure propelled her to stardom in the ‘50s and '60s. Her first moment in the spotlight was when she won the title of “Snow Queen” in her native Chicago. She broke into film in 1954, playing minor roles. She soon shot to stardom playing in films such as Pal Joey, Of Human Bondage and Kiss Me, Stupid. Her most celebrated performance in Hitchcock’s thriller Vertigo made her a household name. Novak’s personal life attracted as much publicity as her on-screen career, romancing such names as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Cary Grant. She was, possibly, underrated due to the abundance of buxom blondes in the industry, however, her awards include two Golden Globes in the '50s, and she was voted number 18 in Playboy’s “100 Sexiest Stars” list in 1999.

Chuck Yeager (1923): American test pilot and decorated war hero who was the first man to break the sound barrier. Born in West Virginia, Yeager enlisted as a private in the Army Air Corps after graduating from high school. He received his pilot wings in 1943 and was stationed in England where he flew P-51s in combat against the German Army, shooting down 13 enemy aircraft in over 60 combat missions. Yeager was shot down during his eighth combat mission, and with the aide of the French Maquis, evaded capture by crossing the Pyrenees to Spain. After the war ended, Yeager became a test pilot. He was selected to pilot the rocket aircraft, the Bell X-1, past the sound barrier, becoming the first supersonic pilot. Over the course of his career, Yeager earned the Purple Heart, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is the only American to be awarded the Congressional Medal for service in peacetime.

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