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Frugal Tip
August 25, 2016

Get Organized in Style

Looking to get more organized? Just look around! You've probably already got all the fixin's you need to get organized.

Film canisters - These are great for storing small items like earrings, buttons, screws or even spices! Just put a sticker on the top describing the contents.

Potato Chip Cans - These are perfect for kids, store their pens, pencils, stray crayons, small toys, anything! Kids can also personalize the cans with decorations.

Cut a small piece of fabric (or wallpaper) the size of the can from the top rim to the bottom rim. Cover the can with glue and put the fabric over the can. Then, take a butter knife and go all the way around the can to press out any lumps or air bubbles.

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