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On May 27
1907 The Bubonic Plague broke out in San Francisco.
1919 A U.S. Navy seaplane completed the first transatlantic flight.
1926 Bronze figures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were erected in Hannibal, MO. They were the first statues of literary characters.
1931 Piccard and Knipfer made the first flight into the stratosphere, by balloon.
1933 Walt Disney's "Three Little Pigs" was first released.
1935 The U.S. Supreme Court declared that President Franklin Roosevelt's National Industrial Recovery Act was unconstitutional.
1937 The Golden Gate Bridge was opened to the public.
1941 U.S. President Roosevelt proclaimed an "unlimited national emergency."
1941 The German battleship Bismarck was sunk by British naval and air forces. 2,300 people were killed.
1968 After 48 years as coach of the Chicago Bears, George Halas retired.
1969 Construction of Walt Disney World began in Florida.
1977 George H. Willig was fined for scaling the World Trade Center in New York on May 26th. He was fined $1.10.
1985 In Beijing, representatives of Britain and China exchanged instruments of ratification on the pact returning Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.
1995 In Charlottesville, VA, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after being thrown from his horse during a jumping event.
1996 Russian President Boris Yeltsin negotiated a cease-fire to the war in Chechnya in his first meeting with the leader of the rebels.
1997 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the sexual harassment suit filed by Paula Jones could continue while President Clinton was in office.
1998 Charlie Sheen was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles for a drug overdose.
1998 Michael Fortier was sentenced to 12 years in prison for not warning anyone about the plot to bomb an Oklahoma City federal building.
1999 In The Hague, Netherlands, a war crimes tribunal indicted Slobodan Milosevic and four others for atrocities in Kosovo. It was the first time that a sitting head of state had been charged with such a crime.

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