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August 3, 2015

Resentment is a kind of attachment. It builds a strong connection between you and the person you resent. Is that really what you want? The time and energy devoted to resentment are your own. Is that really how you wish to spend those precious resources?

You don't have to like someone in order to let go of your resentment for them. Be willing to forgive. Carrying a grudge is mostly your burden. Consider how valuable it would be to free yourself from it.

It doesn't mean that whatever wrong you suffered was acceptable, or that you would allow it to happen again. It simply means that you're ready and willing to move past it.

Letting go and forgiving does not undo what was done, but it does free you from having to waste any more time or effort on useless resentment. Find a way to do that, and turn your focus to the future.

Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr. Used by permission. From The Daily Motivator® at www.dailymotivator.com

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