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January 24, 2015

Arbor Day Tree - Part 1
If you don't think you have room for another tree - think again! Here are some small trees that will make a big statement in your garden.

Trees With Decorative Bark:

Snake-Bark Maple (Acer grosseri var. hersii)
Height=20 feet
This tree's attractive bark is patterned and streaked with green and white markings similar to a snake's skin. The large leaves make a striking display in autumn.

Tibetan Cherry (Prunus serrula)
Height=20 feet
You'll really appreciate the Tibetan Cherry's glossy red bark in winter.

Flowering Trees

Crab Apple
Height=16-20 feet
Nothing tops the fragrance and beauty of a crab apple tree in bloom. If you're really short on space, look for compact varieties that won't exceed 8 feet in height.

Flowering Cherries (Prunus)
Height=10-20 feet
There are many species to choose from, and any one of them will give you a spectacular spring show.

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