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Garden Tip
June 28, 2017

Overwintering Geraniums
Geranium plants can be overwintered in several ways. Before frost, whole plants can be taken from the garden, tied in bundles, and hung upside down in a cool moist area such as a basement for the winter. The humidity should be at least 80% and the temperature should be between 35 and 45 F. The plants can be cut back to about 1/3 of their height and planted outdoors in May, or potted indoors in late winter.

You can also dig the plants and overwinter them indoors in a sunny window. Take as much of the root system as possible. Place the plant in a pot large enough to accommodate the root system, cut the plant back to 6 inches in height. Geraniums also can be overwintered from cuttings taken in late summer or early fall.

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