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Everyone has that one photo.
You know the one we're talking about...

We're looking for photos of amazing scenery. Snapshots that are just too good for a photo album. If you have taken a great photo that you believe deserves to be displayed for the whole world to see...

Submit that favorite photo here and it could soon appear in Excite Today!
To submit your scenic photo, you must include all of the following:
  • Your Photo
    • As a JPEG(JPG) attachment
    • Landscape (rather than portrait )
    • At least 430 x 330 pixels in size
  • Your name, city and state
  • Where the photo was taken
  • A short paragraph about the photo (Why was it taken? Is there a story behind the picture?)
Send all of the above to: userphotos@feedback.excite.com
Your submission is subject to Excite's Terms of Service
We look forward to seeing your photo!
-- The Excite Team